More and more muddy madness!

So I have teetered around another cross country course, Dewsbury this time, a course that managed to include all the mud and every hill in Mirfield. Didn’t distinguish myself particularly, apart from staying upright and not coming last. I’m hoping for a drought between now and the next cross country run, Pudsey, on 5th January.

Ralph plodding to the top of a hill.

Not another hill!

Ralph squelching through ankle deep mud.

No chance of a sprint finish!

Mud, sweat and fears!

I am not a natural cross country runner. I worry too much about staying upright and in one piece. My eyes water so I can’t see where I’m going. I fret about holding up those who are panting up behind me. Mud, stones, roots, vegetation all threaten to either trip or ensnare me. But for some mad reason I do it anyway. I guess I sort of enjoy the madness of it, and the feeling of achievement when/if I survive. This year I’m taking part in my second cross country season as a member of Crossgates Harriers, my second claim club. The first race was at Baildon, where we ran a hugely muddy, up and downhill course. I enjoyed everything except the downhill bits!