I’m in the process of putting my PhD thesis online, not as a pdf but as a series of web pages. For someone with a short attention-span it’s a slow, painful procedure, but I’m getting there. I curse all the hundreds of footnotes and cross references. I grit my teeth as I try to locate the originals of images I used. And then there are the mistakes and typos I’ve discovered. Most of them are minor, but I’ve come across a couple of instances of figures that I haven’t referred to in the text. I am minded of the advice given to me by my very first editor, many years ago, as I learned to proof read: every time, it doesn’t matter how many times, you go through a text you only catch 99 per cent of the errors. Of course, now I’ll begin to find new errors I’ve introduced as I produce the web copy…

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I am a historical archaeologist, writer and editor. I live in Saanich, Victoria, British Columbia.

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