Four Friday Photos: 1

[Every Friday I’m going to post four photographs from my collection. Some will be very recent, others very old. There will be no theme, though of course they provoke memories, of yesterday and of past decades… They will be a varied quality and artistic value, depending on their age and the technologies involved!]

Archaeological trench, Dover, 1970

Dover, 1970

This rather poor scan of a faded 35mm transparency (I will repeat it when I acquire a better scanner) is my only record of my favourite archaeological section, cut through the Roman deposits that lay beneath the playground of what we called the “Schoolyard Site”, a small area behind a soon-to-be-demolished primary school that was my first supervising job. You can’t see them in this scan, but about halfway down the section there was a series of more than a dozen thin clay floors, each a couple of mm thick, that could only be distinguished from each other by breaking the rules and cutting the section at about 45 degrees, so each floor was shown in elongated section. But this vertical section shows that the floors had slipped into the large pot that had been placed deliberately, either to serve as storage or as a small cess pit.

Mantis, Crete

Crete 2015

Simply an upside-down mantis.

Lulu Line, 2004

The Lulu Line, that ran North-South through the southern suburbs of Vancouver, Canada, is no more. Its track ripped up, it now serves as a walk/bike trail. By 2004 it was already disused — I last saw and heard a train, a switcher, a single box car and a caboose, rattling along its rusty rails in about 1995. 

Burro Creek, 1997

In April 1997 we began a seven-month road trip, down the west coast of the US to the Mexican border, back up, and then across Canada, from west to east coasts, returning via the northern US. The very beginning of the trip was chilly (it snowed in Nevada) and we didn’t linger, but after a long drive we reached warmth, at last, at Burro Creek campground in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.  This was the first photograph, taken as we prepared breakfast.

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