Wednesday Walk: 2

[Since the lock-down means that we can’t hike very far at the moment, every Wednesday I’m remembering a walk from the past.]

The way ahead from the start…

The Burgess Pass, 2005

A long time ago L and I headed up and over the Burgess Pass, near Field, British Columbia, Canada. Not all that long a trail, but a long, long uphill trek on a warm day in 2005. It was a perfect mix: the physical activity, the fine weather, the views, lots of fungi, a glacier… And a downhill finish!

It was easy to smile at 0 km!
The trail begins in leisurely fashion…
And at lower levels you are surrounded by trees…
The trail skirts the occasional boulder…
As the trail climbs it becomes tougher…
Plenty of interest on the forest floor…
I love lichens!
Etched into the mountainsides are the deep grooves of waterways, which opened up the view.
One of many fantastic upper level views.
The forest has thinned up here.
A glimpse of a glacier
The high point – the Emerald Glacier

The full album of our hike is HERE

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