Four Friday Photos: 2

[I’m posting four reasonably random photographs every Friday, just for fun!]

Ruin, Corfu

As an archaeologist, my life is in ruins (and rubbish too), so I tend to pounce on them when I stumble across them. Though most have been pillaged, vandalised and used as lavatories, many still retain some evidence of the lives of the anonymous people who built and dwelled in them.


Talking of ruins, this arch has managed to survive several centuries on a Portuguese border hill top (perhaps it has been reconstructed). I like the way it frames the view of Spain, as indeed, as part of a border fortress, it was meant to.

Mothballed railway, Derbyshire

I have a passion for abandoned, neglected, rusty, decaying, doomed and forgotten railway lines. Where once passengers travelled along them, I wonder about their thoughts as the train rattled along, their destinations, what their journeys meant. This line in Derbyshire mostly carried freight until 40 years ago, so fits with my interest in industrial archaeology.

Gathering storm, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada, 1997

One of my favourite photographs, one of those rare “right place and right time” moments. The colours haven’t been exaggerated. The badlands of Alberta is an area I’ve visited several times, and can’t wait to get back to.

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