Four Friday Photos: 3

[Every Friday I’m posting, for the fun of it, four photographs selected pretty much at random from my hard drives. They were captured with a variety of technologies, from analogue through early digital to my latest cameras, so their quality, both artistic and technical, may vary!]

Trees near Malham, Yorkshire

Trees are beautiful creatures!


Time can be measured in layers of paint.

Marsden, Yorkshire

Old boundary marker, ancient moorland.


In late 2002 I acquired my first digital camera, a simple point and shoot Olympus. I decided to play with this new, albeit primitive in today’s terms, technology by taking at least one digital image every day of 2003. Being forced to explore my surroundings visually and to create 2D images, meant that I could look for patterns and pictures everywhere, however mundane the location. Here, the rusty scar around the padlock contrasts vividly with the geometric regularity of the shutter.

Author: ralphblog

I am a historical archaeologist, writer and editor. I live in Saanich, Victoria, British Columbia.

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