Wednesday Walk: 4

[Because we can’t go for a day marching up and down hills at the moment, I’m sharing some walks from the past.]

Black Mountains and Pen Y Fan, Wales

A somewhat ironic sign, given that it is surrounded by hills!

Two August walks that made us puff and pant a little. 

Boundary markers

The first walk began and ended at Cwymyoy, where there’s a little chapel. As we neared the end we came across  St Issues church, Partrishow, which has a splendid interior, complete with angels and a sinister memento mori that apparently has been whitewashed over repeatedly but always reappears!

The grave-digging memento mori at Partrishow church, with scythe, lantern and spade

The second walk took us up and up until we reached the summit of Pen y Fan, where we looked down on the magic lake of Cwm Llwch. As we descended, cloud suddenly enveloped the summit, showing how dangerous the high ground can be even in perfect summer weather. 

Up and Up…
The magic lake of Cam Llwch
The clouds descend over Pen y Fan

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