Four Friday Photos: 4

[Every Friday I’m posting, for the fun of it, four photographs selected pretty much at random from my hard drives. They were captured with a variety of technologies, from analogue through early digital to my latest cameras, so their quality, both artistic and technical, may vary!]

Haynes Ranch, north of Osoyoos, BC, Canada

Haynes Ranch, Osoyoos Canada

Every time I return to Osoyoos I revisit the Haynes Ranch. I’ve known this site for nearly 30 years, and every time I return my heart is in my mouth, because I dread the destruction, or at least the collapse, of its brittle timbers. So far it has survived, entirely unprotected from the elements and from vandalism, though each year it moulders further towards the desert floor. The buildings are probably about 140 years old.

Wall, Idana a Velha, Portugal

A Portuguese wall

As an archaeologist I have a passion for old walls. The stonework of this example from inland Portugal, not far from the Spanish border, is breathtaking.

Freight branch, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver rails

For a city that is founded on railway history, Vancouver has little to show for it. This scene is long gone. Here and there one can find traces of the rails that were once interlaced with thecity streets, but there are fewer as more and more development obliterates the past.

River Lune, Cumbria

Lune lunacy

A moment of fun on the bed of the River Lune, Cumbria.

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