Four Friday Photos: 5

[Every Friday I’m posting, for the fun of it, four photographs selected pretty much at random from my hard drives. They were captured with a variety of technologies, from analogue through early digital to my latest cameras, so their quality, both artistic and technical, may vary!]

Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island

A niche, Cowichan Bay

Cowichan Bay is one of those places where nature and industry collide. It has a lumber operation and a dock. There was once a railway line. It also has a conservation area. The wetlands are under constant threat. This plant may not survive for long…


Weston Super Mare, looking towards Steep holm

I wonder what is the purpose of those posts?

Osoyoos, BC, Canada

Decay, near Osoyoos, BC, Canada

I find archaeology everywhere.


Lizard, Cyprus

I am not in any way a wildlife photographer. I have neither the skills nor the patience. So any creature (other than plants, which normally can’t run away and hide) that I manage to capture has been come across by accident, and has conveniently posed for my photograph.  I like the rather haughty expression on the face of this lizard.

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