Four Friday Photos: 6

[Every Friday I’m posting, for the fun of it, four photographs selected pretty much at random from my hard drives. They were captured with a variety of technologies, from analogue through early digital to my latest cameras, so their quality, both artistic and technical, may vary!]

This week I have a theme: red.


I read once that when taking photographs of scenic views, especially for postcards, professionals would always include someone wearing red clothing. Presumably the patch of colour would attract attention and add to the pleasure of the scene.

I like the way this couple are following the direction of the statue.

I have so many examples of the colour red in my collection that I found it hard to keep to my four photo limit, so I’ve added a couple of bonus shots!

Cactus flower from my collection.

I love cacti and succulents, and over the years have built up quite a collection. None of them are hugely rare or unusual, some are rescues from shops that weren’t caring for them, others have grown from cuttings (I’ve never managed to grow any from seeds). I like the contrast between the often diminutive size of the plant and its huge flowers!

Gear and pulley wheels, Leeds Industrial Museum, Armley Mills.

As you no doubt have realised, I like rust. And rust is mostly red iron oxide. So I have lots of photographs of rusty stuff! Machinery was/is often painted bright red, perhaps for safety reasons?

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