Wednesday Walk: 7

[Since I’m not able to ramble as much as I’d like at the moment, I’m remembering some hikes from the past.]

Ptarmigan Cirque

One of the areas in Canada we return to often is the Kananaskis Country, the forested east-facing slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta. We have relative is Calgary and Edmonton, and it’s a great place to meet up and share camping and hiking. 

This particular hike is a short and popular one, you’d have to arrive very early to get it to yourself, but it nevertheless manages to include a lot of what you’d expect from a summer tramp in this art of the world. The hike is good exercise, the scenery fantastic, and the wildlife visible at close range. Not only did we manage to spot a ptarmigan, a gopher and a flock of longhorn sheep, but we were followed up the trail for a while by a grizzly bear and cub, which made a gently ramble very exciting!

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