Four Friday Photos: 7

[Every Friday I’m posting, for the fun of it, four photographs selected pretty much at random from my hard drives. They were captured with a variety of technologies, from analogue through early digital to my latest cameras, so their quality, both artistic and technical, may vary!]

Industrial wagon wheel, Wales

Archaeology is, of course, everywhere. Being an archaeologist of the recent past, I am able to find and enjoy the stuff of the industrial past rusting and rotting away amongst the brambles and nettles that grow rampant beside the traces of quarries and mines dotted around the UK.

Quarter mile post, near Sedburgh, Cumbria.

Forty years after it closed, this concrete relic of the railway line between Clapham and Tebay still stands sentinel, ready for the next ghost train heading along the Ingleton branch.

Ruined cottage with adobe brick walls, Arizona.

I am drawn, as if to a magnet, toward ruins. Itook this photograph in 1997; I wonder if this structure still exists. Adobe tends to return to its natural state of clay and sand once it is exposed to the elements. This building stood, crumbling, beside the highway, its roof having collapsed around it and whatever was used to cot its walls falling off. The structure seems to have incorporated both adobe bricks and random stone.

Striped Shield Bug (Graphosoma italicum)

I like this bug!

Bonus photo!

Portuguese lady, Idanha a Nova

On a very hot day, a lady strides into the sunlight from a patch of shade…

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