Wednesday Walk: 8

[Since I’m not able to ramble as much as I’d like at the moment, I’m remembering some hikes from the past.]

Lathkill Dale, 2012

This is a look back at a ramble on a day that started with weather that looked threatening but ended in glorious sunshine.

Lathkill Dale is not far from Bakewell, in the White Peak, and the route, some of it along the Limestone Way, includes gently rolling countryside and a fine gorge, lots of views, a church or two, old walls, at least one ruined mill, and a little industrial archaeology (mostly signs of quarrying).

Having not been on a long tramp for nearly four months, I am getting very itchy feet. We are now allowed to drive to a location for exercise, so hopefully my Wednesday Walk will soon include some 2020 hikes!

My album, with a lot more images, can be found HERE.

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